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trying not to celebrate more. week.

trying not to celebrate prematurely.
one. more. week.

earth night

earth night

hours elapsed: 50.
hours slept: 3.
showers taken: 0.
teeths brushed: 0.
undergrad thesis: 1. 
freudian typos: too many.

»debbie [DEB-ee] noun
a species of chicken. Notwithstanding that its most productive hours span between 1-5AM, it is resultant of its antisocial inclinations combined with its tendancy to be an "arrogant bastard with a morbid sense of humour" that makes it rather unapproachable. Those who genuinely invest time with it--without being clingy--will discover that it does harbour something resembling guilt when it comes across as an "arrogant bastard". The only known instance of debbie is saved, adopted and domesticated by Christ.
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